Facejacker: The Return

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Do you remember?

‘Hello and welcome to Myra’s Drive-through. Myra’s Drive-through is now fully automated…’ droned the robotic voice strung in a Northern Irish accent. The lady looked on in despair at a white speaker. She orders. She repeats. The system malfunctions. She starts again. And again… all the while, we slowly feel her pain but can’t prevent the laughter erupting!

Kayvan Novak is back and it’s round two as he releases a second series of his BAFTA-nominated Facejacker.

Prepare to meet a number of new characters, prosthetic limbs and some serious laughs. You might remember him from Fonejacker. He wears a number of disguises and convincingly leads us on. Some of his acts include a Ugandan scammer, an automated voice for a drive-through and an art presenter.

He makes a complete fool of himself, but it’s his casual indifference and oblivious nature that keeps us entertained. He never fully grasps the seriousness of situations and when at fault, attempts to pull himself out, only making matters much worse!

 ‘I am a registered hypnotherapist sir, I’m offended!’ Shouts the African scammer at a patient storming out of his dingy ‘practice’. We witness the phony doctor attempting to coax his poor patient to reveal bank details.

The content on the show is chilled and perfect for a night in. Kayvan has spectacular skill when transforming himself into different characters that is truly impressive. This is a show that will definitely leave tears of laughter streaming down your face!